Session 1 – Basics

Welcome to VFX Workshop!

Please watch the following video of Session 1 if you haven’t already.

How to Grow as an Artist
  • Believe – there’s no “failure” or “success.” Of course believing that you can fly… is quite unrealistic, but flying with help still gets you to your goal, sometimes you have to alter it a bit.
  • Eyes on the horizon & on the prize – surround yourself with other talented people & enjoy the process
  • Just do it. Share it. – we got so many platforms & even on this site. Share yourself & stop saying I can’t. Make deadlines.
  • Get the heck out of dodge! – travel experience something new if it’s in your own city
  • Define your space. Raise your Capital. – don’t go into debt use what you have raise enough capital to fully commit to your work and start soaring!

Check out these 2 posts that inspired me for this post:

Top 10 Ways to Grow as an Artist

3 Ways to Assure You Are Always Growing as an Artist


10 Lesson (~10-12 min each) – 2-3hrs total (this will be the longest assignment)

[Make a 10-20 sec movie title using the basic techniques]

You can invent a movie title or use an existing one.

Take a look at the Resources above for inspiration especially Title Designs as early as 1960s. Simpler the better.

**Upload to your YouTube or Vimeo account and make a comment on this post**

We will share each other’s work in Session 2!

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  2. Robert

    Here are the titles I made. I used a font called “Sleeping on a Cloud” I found on, although if I do this design again I would like to draw my own letters.
    I used a lens flare matte and exposure, glow, fast blur, and transition for the transition at the end.

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  3. Taylor

    I know this is late, but this is what I was working on last week for work! No sound effects yet (still looking for a good, free piece that fits) and there are a couple of places I noticed I need to fix (:56, 1:05, 2:26) and some general tweaking.

    Typing was an effect I downloaded here:

    I made the backspace by using the precomp method he mentions in there.

    Glow/backlight effect was achieved using this tutorial from video copilot:

    I should be caught up this week and I’ll be there Thursday!

    Here is the final product!

    1. Post

      Love it! The audio was really good. What did you use for that?

      This will be a great tutorial for our session on Typography! Sweet!

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      Jamie! This is so clean and nice. I really like that subtle purple hue/glow that you have on the last part, and it gives such a creepy vibe as it zooms in. Simple, yet beautiful. Great job!

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