Back story:

Back in college a friend of mine, Brent, and I started a workshop called NGU Adobe Workshop at our school.

NGU – our school’s initials;

Adobe – the software;

Workshop – free help

We had 2 sessions one for print and one for video. My job was to help students to jump into After Effects and never turn back.

I had about 5 sessions with the group, but we were soooo SLOW and the computers were soooo SLOW. Since Adobe’s CC interface, NOBODY has an excuse, unless you don’t own a computer.

So no further a due, this free virtual community is to join together once a week and show each others’ work, keep ourselves accountable in moving forward, learn tips and NOT BECOME soooo SLOW that we don’t get anywhere.

I want progress and success, I hope you do too.

Check the sessions out on the sidebar & stay tune for the next live hangout! If you have missed one or need to catch up, no problem they are in each session page.

Let’s get creative!